New album by Owen Farr – A New Dawn


Click on the album cover to order the second solo album by Owen Farr, accompanied by the Cory Band, conducted by Philip Harper.

Track List:

1 A New Dawn Christopher Bond Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 4.06
2 Dragon Dances Andrew Baker Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 6.53
3 A Celtic Promise Philip Harper Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 4.45
4 Tenor Toccata Rodney Newton Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 5.46
5 Diversions on Gwahoddiad Tom Davoren Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 6.28
6 Trip the Light Fantastic Dan Price Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 5.19
7 Triptych (on a Theme by Handel) Peter Meechan Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 7.36
8 Meditation from Thais Jules Massenet arr. Judith Hayes Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 5.15
9 La Capricieuse Edward Elgar arr. John Jemmett Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 3.57
Concerto for Tenor Horn Lucy Pankhurst Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band
10 I. Call to Arms 5.00
11 II. Forgotten Oath 6.21
12 III. Fool’s Dance 3.29
13 Swingy Thing Duke Ellington arr Philip Harper Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) with Cory Band 3.28


Howdy from across the pond!

Imagine my surprise when I searched the web for tenor horn solos and found your webpage.  Finally, a wonderful resource for horn literature, latest news for our beloved instrument, and just a link I can send to people that explains it all!   (Thank you).

My name is Sandy Johnson, and I’ve been playing this seemingly obscure instrument since the late seventies.  I currently live in Boulder, Colorado, and have a long history with the British brass band tradition here in the states.  I started playing the “alto” horn in high school marching band.  In college, I made it through the grueling tryout process of the Ohio State University Marching Band, and was a proud member of that organization for five years.  I was lucky enough to play under Paul Droste at the time, who then retired and started the Brass Band of Columbus.  He recruited me as his first student member, and we went on to win the championship section of the NABBA (North American Brass Band Association) competition three years running.

Recently, NABBA concluded their national solo and ensemble contest.  I understand it was their largest yet.  I have participated as a bandsman and a soloist in the past, and have always enjoyed the level of musicianship and camaraderie at this event.  Brass banding is a live and well in the states!

I eventually ended up in Colorado due to my career as an engineer, and have played with the Rocky Mountain Brassworks on and off for over twenty years.  They are a 30-ish piece British style brass band in the Denver area formed in the seventies, and have been in continuous operation since.  Currently I play in the Balkan brass band, Gora Gora Orkestar.  We play an eclectic mix of gypsy Roma and American brass band music, including traditional folk dances, New Orleans jazz and popular vocal ballads.  At our gigs I am constantly asked, “What is that thing you play?”  “Tenor Horn”, is my proud response!


Sandy Johnson

New Pieces Added

The Sheet Music List has been updated with lots of new titles.  Trip the Light Fantastic (Dan Price), Proficiency (Christopher Bond), Toccata (Gareth Wood), Concerto for Tenor Horn (Lucy Pankhurst), Urbanicity (Ben Tubb), Dreams that Steal All my Time (Paul McGhee), 3 Etudes (Jean-François Michel), Prélude et Tarentelle (Philippe Morard)… We are planning to start adding PDF and if possible AUDIO-files in the near future.  Any contributions, remarks etc. are always welcome.

A Historic Day for Tenor and Flugel Horns

January 26th 2014 was a historic day indeed…it saw the inaugural International Tenor Horn and Flugel Seminar in Birmingham. I have certainly never seen so many tenor horns in one room before – in fact, I was quite taken aback by how many people came along to Birmingham Conservatoire to be a part of the day. It was quite a surreal, but thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Organised by Owen Farr (solo horn with the Cory Band), ‘Reverb’ Chu (from Taiwan) and Peter Maertens (from Belgium) – the seminar’s aims were to bring together as many tenor horn and flugel players as possible in a day of making music, meeting other players from around the word and rejoicing in tenor horn and flugelness! Continue reading

Tenor or Alto Horn – New Book about the Tenor Horn

‘Tenor or Alto Horn – one instrument, two names’ is now published.  The book is now for sale for £15 / € 17.50 at (click on the image).  The book is a contribution to our knowledge and understanding about an instrument that deserves much more credit and respect than it generally receives.  Its tonal qualities cannot be compared to any other instrument.  In it you will find answers to several questions such as ‘Why do we name this instrument both alto horn and tenor horn?’ ‘What’s the difference with the E flat horn?’, ‘In which ensembles can it be found?’, ‘What’s the musical role of the instrument?’, ‘Is there any original repertoire for it?’, ‘When did composers start to write for the instrument and how did the repertoire evolve?’

Tenor Book

What Owen Farr says:

I first met Peter when we studied the tenor horn together at the Royal Northern College of Music in 2001. Continue reading

Choosing a new horn in Amboise, France

The day started with me being stuck in a traffic jam, which resulted in running towards the last train door that wasn’t closed yet.  Catching it right in time, pfff, I felt lucky.  From Lille to Amboise, it takes about three hours on the hst.  The train stopped in Charles de Gaulle, the airport in Paris, where Owen Farr joined me.  Or better, I joined him in the bar.  He was going to Amboise as well to test new Prestige & Sovereign horns.  We arrived in Saint-Pierre des Corps at noon, and once we finished a very nice lunch in a cosy restaurant in the historic centre of Amboise, we continued our journey to the factory.

Once we arrived at the old Courtois building, Continue reading

New tenor horn solo by Tom Davoren published

Studio Music have published Diversions on Gwahoddiad.

It was composed for the renowned Welsh tenor horn soloist, and former principal horn of the BAYV Cory Band, David Cornelius. He premiered the work at the 2011 Yeovil Entertainment Contest, with the BTM Band, where he was awarded the prize for best soloist.

The second in Tom’s ‘Diversions’ series of solo works, this piece celebrates the lyrical side of tenor horn as well the virtuosic technical ability of many of today’s leading horn players, all through exploring Jon Roberts beautiful Welsh hymn tune Gwahoddiad.

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